• Medical – 3 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliant plans to choose from
  • Dental – PPO Plan available in all states and HMO option (CA Only)
  • Vision
  • Company provided Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance (Voluntary)
  • 401K – Offered after 1 yr of service and 1,000 hour minimum requirement
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Our corporate culture is the tangible result of our commitment rather than just an abstract idea. Those who have experienced SIS — whether as an employee or client — will attest to the fact that there is something different about the way our employees conduct themselves and feel about their responsibilities. We put people first.


Our company reflects our environment, and SIS has offices and opportunities all across the globe. Headquartered in Culver City, CA — with offices in Seattle, New York, San Jose, Miami, and Brazil — we hire and represent the best people to cultivate growth in our company and community both inside and outside of our headquartered cities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the qualifications for this role? What will make me stand out as a candidate?

For all career descriptions, qualifications are listed at the bottom, such as work experience, skills, and education.  We expect all of our applicants to have some sort of work or job experience — higher education, skills classes, and security experience are pluses.  Professional attitude and business attire, a detailed LinkedIn profile and resume, and a passion for customer service are all specific things that will set you apart.

Q. I’ve applied and haven’t heard back.  What is the status of my application?

We appreciate your persistence and interest.  If you haven’t heard from us in over 2 weeks, we have chosen to move forward with other candidates.

Q. I’m having trouble with the website.  What can I do?

One of our biggest suggestions if you’re having trouble applying is to create an account.  Having your own login information from the start makes it easy to apply for future positions and makes our interface more accessible and easy to use.  Use your full, legal name on your account.

Q. What is the procedure after I receive a job offer?

We’re excited to have you continue your career with us! After you receive a call from our recruiting team offering you a position, we will have you come to the office for onboarding and paperwork.  Please bring two legal forms of ID. They must be the original documents.  Please also have a personal email account, with your password and other sign-in information on hand.

All positions require a drug screen and a background check.  After you receive an offer from our office, you have 3 business days to complete your drug test, with no exceptions.  Drug test results usually take 72 hours to receive, and background check results typically take 5-8 business days.

You are not officially hired with SIS until you fill out your paperwork, pass the necessary screenings, and receive an employee ID number.